UMK 95

- Because of the fixed center, it is saving time and material dependent on centering
- Due to simple design and accessibility of the die, it allows a rapid tool change
- There are no dead spots, hole sor slots, so it removes the Daily cleaning and maintenance needs
- Maintenance : there are fewer moving parts and bolts, this enables an easier maintenance.
- Because of the self cleaning feature, it is unnecessary to take preventive maintenance while operating
- It provides a nominal compound dielectricity. Thus a flow of 360 degrees of the material is provided
- There are no adjustments necessary and so the engineering control of the operation easier. After adjustments remains constant.
Technical Specifications
-        The die is made of special plastic die steel and thus durable against wear and corrosion
-        High quality tubular resistances are used
-        It is possible to produce cables with vacuum system (UMV die and tip)
-        It is also possible to produce flat cables with specially designed(UMY die and tip)
-        Because of its feature, the UMK die can sheet the coloured plastic onto the plastic in the center, according to the needs from approximately 0,10-0,15 mm
-        The advantage of this system is that it decreases the die costs and because of using just one type of granulate it decreases also the cable cost

Crosshead Series


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UMK 20

UMK 50

UMK 70

UMK 95

UMK 130


6 mm


16 mm

43 mm

60 mm

80 mm

115 mm

Max.Dia Cable

10 mm

14 mm                 

20 mm

50 mm

70 mm

95 mm

130 mm