UMK 130

  • The die is made of special plastic die steel and therefore durable against wear and corrosion.
  • High quality mica insulated stainless band type resistances are used.
  • Because of the fixed center, operation is more optimized; it saves time and material.
  • Due to simple design and accessibility of the die, it allows a rapid tool change.
  • Maintenance: there are fewer moving parts and bolts, this enables an easier maintenance.
  • Because there are no dead spots, holes and slots, it eliminates the daily cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • No adjustments are necessary, therefore the engineering control of the operation is easier. After adjusting the operation, the adjustments remain constant.
  • Since it has self-cleaning feature, preventive maintenance is unnecessary during operation.
  • It provides a nominal compound insulating and the material flows without any dead-lines. Thus, a flow of 360 degrees of the material is provided.
  • Crosshead can skin the colored plastic onto the plastic in the center, according to the needs from approx. 0.10 – 0.15 mm.
  • The advantage it provides is, that it lowers the dye costs. Additionally, because of using just one type of granulate, it lowers also the cable cost.
  • Die can be adjusted back and forth.
  • It is possible to produce variety of flat cables with special design die and tip.
  • Max. Product diameter: 130 mm
  • Max. Tubing diameter: 130 mm
  • Max. Conductor diameter: 112 mm